Specialist Work

Our team at Stuart Elliott Decorators Ltd do everything we can to make sure the preparation of ceilings, walls, floors, woodwork and ironwork are done to a very high standard. This enables us to make sure the end product looks fantastic and in turn makes our clients smile and ensures that our company always receives repeat business. We have a very personal approach with all of our clients and take it upon ourselves to really listen to what our clients want and need. Our preparation work is key to our high end approach and is always carried out to a very high standard. Our team uses only the best products and materials so we can always deliver a great looking finish.

Below is a list of the specialist services we offer.

Spray Painting Specialists
The team undertake various types of spray painting from new plaster works, to old doors or iron works etc. Q-Tech is our prefered brand of spray equipment which we use to complete all our spray projects.

Wallpapering Specialists
Our company carries out all types of wallpapering and lining papering with specialists who we work with on a job by job basis within our company.

Plastering Specialists
All aspects of plastering work is undertaken from specialist plasterers our company use on a regular basis and re-decorated by our team.

Lime Rendering Specialists
Lime rendering Manor houses, barns all aspects, cob walls , K rend etc and re-decoration using specialist lime render paint from The Cornish Lime Company and Zinsser. These paints are vapour permeable to allow walls to breathe, contain a biocide to prevent fungal degredation for the dried coating and enjoy a longer life in the paint due to paint qualities and application

Treatment Of Ironworks - Rust treatments, Zinsser primers, undercoats, Hammerite and Zinsser Allcoat finish coats- We have all Dulux Colour charts for wood and iron colour choices.

Wood And Iron Repair Work - Gable ends, Barge boards, iron works - gates, garage doors re-painting etc - Stripping back, priming using the best quality primer-sealer-stain-anti-mould blockers like Zinsser, Undercoating and re-painting with Hammerite top coats for Ironwork and Sikkens, Cuprinol etc for woodwork.

Treatment Of Wood - Taping up, re-building, sanding, fine filling, primers, undercoats, top coats in Gloss, Satinwoods, Satinwood tints, Eggshell and water based finishes etc.

Jet Washing - Outside of Commercial and Domestic properties, decking and garden woodwork, pvc plastics - sofits, facias, windows, patio's, driveways etc

Fungi Treatments - Spray treatments for the outside of buildings, Red oxide removal using Kurust - specialist sprayer machine and treatments

Staining Treatments - All Outside areas - Decking, benches, tables, chairs, garden sheds - Range of colours available through Cuprinol Garden shades selection or Bedec Multi finish paints. Can be sprayed using our Help high pressure low velocity spray machine including all masking sheeting etc

Specialist Exterior Paints - We are specialists in using the brand Zinsser for a four coat exterior system which comes with a 10 year guarantee and a site visit to discuss applications and products from a Zinsser Specialist Manager organised by us. We can now match any paint colours from companies such as Farrow and Ball, Little Green etc and get the exact match across the Zinsser range. Dulux Weather-shield Maximum Exposure Paint, Oil based Paints, Dulux Weathershield Masonry Smooth all available in different colours. We have all the Dulux, Zinsser and Glidden colour charts to choose from.

Floor Varnishing / Sealing - We are specialist installers of Osmo oil to seal in wooden floors inside properties to give maximum protection. You can have a range of finishes - Clear, Matt, Satin, Gloss etc. We carry samples of the different type of finishes on wooden blocks in our Vans. We also specialise in applying Osmo Oil to cedar cladding and advise on the maintenance cycles for future applications and top ups.

Eco Friendly Paints - Water based paints are available for certain finishes as discussed with clients prior to work commencing.

The Enviroment

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint taking the following steps:

All waste is recycled including paper, cardboard and paint tins which are returned to Dulux for recycling.

All paper correspondence is printed on recycled paper.

We have a range of Eco-friendly paints available to choose from including Dulux Ecosure. Ecosure is an environmentally friendly paint that offers performance that matches and in some cases exceeds that of equivalent matt emulsions. It contains 35% less embodied carbon and the packaging contains 25% recycled plastic. We are also using as a company water based Eggshells, The Dulux Diamond High Performance range and a huge range of Quick drying Satinwoods, Glosses and Eggshells which have now a lot stronger systems than the old oil based systems and if using 'White' the finish will stay Whiter for many more years.

Can Recycling

We recycle all of our paint cans, plastic and steel. The recycling itself is completed by Dulux or Rabarts.

Water based paint residue is composted.

This has no impact on the cost to you.